Our Method

Andon: "A manufacturing term referring to a system to notify management, maintenance, and other workers of a quality or process problem".

At Andon Technologies, we borrow Japanese Lean Manufacturing principles and apply them to technology projects. Lean, a concept made popular by Toyota, provides a framework to reduce waste, increase quality, and increase efficiency. With our proactive management of technology, we implement checks, similar to andons, that allow us to solve the problem before it becomes too large. 

One of the main principles of Lean is "Kaizen"- a Japanese term for improvement. With Kaizen there are four steps  Plan-Do-Check-Act.  At Andon Technologies, we follow these steps in all of our projects. We apply them by: PDCA

  1. PLAN- All of the projects we start are carefully planned. We estimate resources, create timelines, and identify risks for mitigation. Successful projects must have a plan. 
  2. DO- The project is carefully executed with precision, making sure to follow the plan. 
  3. CHECK- Projects are put through a check process to ensure that we delivered a quality solution that actually works. If we do it right the first time, everyone will be happy. 
  4. ACT- Lastly, we work to make sure that the solution is accepted by the users of the organization. How good is a solution if no one knows how to use it? 

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